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Black Sheep Bakers:

Founded in California 2011

After a one year apprenticeship with Master-Baker Patrick Jeanette, Eden Myles launches his bagel and bialy company in Long Beach, CA. In July of 2013 Eden re-launches Black Sheep in Denver, Colorado as a wholesale bagel provider to select coffee shops, including Novo, Corvus and Downpours. After working 1000 nights in three years Eden retires from bagel baking and moves into the new Black Sheep kitchen at 2400 Curtis Street to focus on pizza.

Five Points Pizza Denver

Founded in 2014

While baking at Crema Eden begins making pizza for several, local, craft-breweries, including Our Mutual Friend, Ratio, Epic and Spangalang. After gaining a devoted local following Black Sheep Bakers launches Five Points Pizza Denver with delivery partner UberEATS. In 2017 Black Sheep Bakers, LLC officially becomes a worker-owned company as Eden’s apprentice Patrick Wilson is appointed as Pizza Manager and company partner.

Five Points Falafel Club

Founded in 2017

Eden Myles’ newest project is Five Points Falafel Club, a vegan focused menu of popular, Jerusalem, street-food novelties.